Welcome To Rainbow Bazooka

Today I am here to talk about something a little different to what I usually write about. Today I am here to talk about my new website, http://www.rainbowbazooka.com

Rainbow Bazooka is a brand new opinions, commentary, and criticism site that seeks to bring together many talented writers and bloggers onto a collective platform who are otherwise finding it hard to get their work seen.

The general rule is that there are no boundaries for what we will write about. So far we have varied articles on topics including a retrospective look at why the critics were wrong about Schindler’s List; Google Glass and how it’s going to become a privacy nightmare; a somewhat humorous look at what people of the future will think of our Facebook profiles; and a look at the mixed messages that we are given on graffiti.

We look for trends and we commentate on them, offering fresh opinions and providing insight.

I invite you all to take a look at our website and what we’re trying to do. We want to create a platform for writers to express themselves whilst informing the readers on a variety of topics, and perhaps even leading to reform. We cover things from politics, to art, to music, to film, to social media, to ethics. We don’t want to leave anything untraced.

Unlike other commentary websites, we don’t want to restrict ourselves to what we can write about. This not a film website; it’s not a sports website, or an arts or politics website. It’s a platform for voices and for encouraging discussion.

Moreover, we’re all about good content. For us, content is king. Please check us out, share, and support.

Thanks for your time,


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